Top Useful Bots for Telegram

A Telegram bot is a program that lets Telegram users add functions and automation to their chats, channels, or groups. Bots can be created using Botfather, Telegram’s bot builder, or the Telegram bot API.
Some of the telegram bots that you can use are presented below:

Dictionary and Translator

– Cambridge Dictionary

– Abadisdic

– Babelgram

– Yandex Translate

– Language Translator

Grammar Checker

– GrammarNz

– FixMe

Text to Speech Translator

– Text To Speech

Voice Transcriber

– Transcriber

– Voicetranscriber

– Audiotranscriber

Image to Text Converter

– Image To Text Converter

– Textify (OCR)

Image to PDF Converter

– Fast Scanner

File Converter

– New File Converter

Instagram Downloader

– SaveAsBot

– JayBeeInstaDL

Youtube Downloader

– Utubera 01

– Utubera 02

– YouTubeDownloader

– YtbDown

– Utubebot

Spotify Downloader

– Spotdl

– MusicDownloader

– DeezerMusic

– Spotifydownload

Twitter Media Downloader

– Twitter Video DL

– Any Video DL

– VideoDownload

Paper Downloader


– Nexus Search

Android Apps Downloader

APK Downloader

File and Text Uploader

– Nekobin Website

File Upload



Begoo AI

– B.AI – 5


ChatGPT & MJ

Disposable Email Assress

– DropMail

Fake Mail

Waether Forecast

– Weather and Local Time


Bot and Proxy Creation

– BotFather

Telegram ID

– ChatID

– MTProxy Admin

– Manybot

Gmail Manager

Gmail Bot


– Dr.Web


Cryptocurrency Wallet


Satelite Channels

Feed Reader

– The Feed Reader

– Feed Reader RSS

Forward Message Cover

– ForwardsCover

– Hazf

  • Vahid
    Posted Aug 30, 2023, Wednesday at 18:18 0Likes

    Hi. I am Vahid Amiri, a power electronics engineering student, and I want to work on the v/f control for my final thesis. What microcontroller do you suggest for the practical implementation of my project? Thanks for your guidance.

  • Mohammad Bagheri Hashkavayi
    Posted Aug 31, 2023, Thursday at 19:47 0Likes

    Hi. You should first simulate your project. Then, based on the needed sample time (Ts), the quantity of inputs and outputs, and the amount of your codes, select the appropriate microcontroller for your project. I suggest using a microcontroller that operates at a frequency of more than 150 MHz, has at least 15 ADC channels, and 15 different input and output ports. Extensive explanations about choosing the best microcontroller for our projects exist in the YouTube and Telegram channels. Have a great time.

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